Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Painful Process

Maybe it's because I have tattoos myself, but I see them everywhere. Dragons, tribal art, band icons, and even toasters. What compels people to get tattoos? I know I did it out of the need to rebel against the wise words of my mother, and to be more individual.

Look at me now! I'm one of hundreds of thousands of people who are all so unique.

As I get older, and my tattoos all start to look like golf bags, I feel like I am missing out on casual days of sleeveless shirt joy in the office, elegant evenings in fancy attire, and in appropriate situations, nudity in the purest form.

Once you get a tattoo, even the tiniest tattoo, you can no longer do these things. I mean, you can, but no matter how tough you think you are, somewhere inside you is a little voice telling you how stupid you look.

I have heard that voice for 13 years. I have been listening to that voice for about 10 years. In an even more recent span of time, I have decided that I no longer wish to carry these trophies of individuality around with me.

In the posts that follow, I will document the process of my tattoo removal. I'm not talking lasers, or that new "sand-it-off" method some guy came up with...

I've developed my own DIY remedy, and will share my step-by-step progress through posts and pictures.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey of erasing mistakes.


  1. Kudos Kiddo!
    Excellent personal, courageous narrative.
    Certainly beats the heck out of many Interest Columns I have read in print or internet.
    Pity a lot of us "Rebels" do not learn earlier in life even when we know it is wrong.
    Proud of you - Hang in there!
    Joe S.

  2. This is the Lexie I know and love. I'll be with you all the way. My heart is smiling and I feel like a proud Mom would feel. Beautifully written.

  3. I am a proud mom. It is awesome to see you grow into a such a beautiful person! I love you.

  4. I also am your mother. See? I have a uterus and everything.

    Lex...*I* am your mother.

  5. I wish you luck, though I would like to add the tattoos ive gotten all mean something special to me and i never feel stupid or tough because of them, but that is just me.

  6. I love my tattoos, sorry you hate yours.

  7. the only reason you think your tattoos mean something is because the ink has affected your mind. And some studies show that it is linked to erectile dysfunction and in women being infertile. You may not understand some of these words but maybe the world will show some fairness and you will not be able to produce more offspring that make stupid decisions like yourself.

  8. I remember in my early 20's I used to tell my friends who wanted tattoos the very same thing but they were the cool ones and I was the one "who didn't get out much". I've lost touch with many of them, but I'd love to find this one and ask him how that NIN tattoo is working out for him.

  9. not natural markings on a lady s body that totally detract from the beauty of any woman = tattoo